Discover the best makeup tips in our video tutorials

Green Equinox Collection tutorial

Discover the unique versatility of our Green Equinox Collection powdered mineral make up for eyes, lips and nails. The rich palette of pigments in our Green Equinox Collection allows you to create an infinite number of stunning looks.


Skin care tutorial using Sanddorn

The ultimate anti-ageing skin care routine using Sanddorn organic skin care products. Independent tests have shown the proven benefits for hydrating parched, sensitive and mature skin and reducing the impact of age lines and wrinkles.


Coleur Foundation, Concealing and Day Look

For make up to look natural and effortless it needs the perfect base. Learn how to use Fluid Foundation, Concealer and our translucent Baked Powder for a fresh, flawless complexion. Cruelty-free beauty using Coleur vegan and organic make up.


Coleur Dramatic Smoky Eyes Tutorial

Jasmine unravels the secrets for a dramatic smoky eye look for evening wear. Learn the secrets make up artists use to prepare the eye area for a long-lasting and eye-catching look. Dramatic make up to make an impact whilst being Earth-friendly.

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  1. Fermin Bomer says:

    The sun can also dry out the outer layer of your skin encouraging your sebaceous glands to start producing more oil.

  2. Rory Lacosta says:

    Drinking a lot of water will also help. The water will flush the toxins that are causing the acne out of your body. You

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