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It's our aim to make the alva online store a source of information and advice, as well as a fun place to shop and somewhere you'll want to re-visit on a regular basis.

With alva you can all become part of our story and part of our community. To help you engage with us, and us with you, we actively encourage you to join us on our social networking platforms:


Q. Is it free to create an account and become a member?

A. Yes, membership is free and always will be. No strings!

Q. Why do I need to create an account and become a member to shop?

A. Membership is beneficial as it helps bolster your online shopping security: you will be able to select your own unique login details/password. Membership also means your order history and preferences are stored which helps to enrich your future shopping experiences at You will also receive our regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date with all our latest news.

Q. When becoming a member, which of my details, if any, will be stored?

A. We only keep your contact details (email and home address), as well as your personal preferences and skin type if you want to supply us with this information. In compliance with data protection law we do not hold any information concerning your payment details, and nor will we share any customer contact information with parties outside alva Natural Cosmetics and ONEbeauty Ltd.

Q. Are payments secure?

A. Yes, we use industry standard SSL technology to guarantee that your shopping experience is safe and secure at all times. Your online security is very important to us.

Q. When will my order be shipped?

A. We aim to process and ship all orders on the same day, provided they're received before 2pm; otherwise they'll be shipped the following day.

Q. How will my order be sent when I have free shipping?

A. All orders with free shipping to addresses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be sent by Royal Mail Second Class Post.

Q. How will my order be packed?

A. We make every effort to ensure that the products you buy are received in pristine condition, just as if you had handpicked them from the shelf yourself. All items are packed in bubble wrap, and depending on the size of the shipment, are either sent in a padded envelope or a cardboard box lined with bubble wrap.

Product FAQs

Q. What do the letters CI stand for in the ingredients lists for makeup items?

A. This stands for COLOUR INDEX, and CI numbers are used in the INCI nomenclature as names for cosmetic colourants that are used to colour products. Below is a list of CI numbers you'll find listed in our make up ingredients:

CI 77891 (Titanium dioxide)

CI 77491 (Red iron oxide)

CI 77492 (Yellow iron oxide)

CI 77499 (Black iron oxide)

CI 77742 (Manganese violet)

CI 77510 (Prussian blue)

CI 77288 (Chromium green oxide)

CI 77289 (Chromium hydroxide green)

CI 77007 (Ultra marine pink)

CI 77019 (Mica)

Q. Does alva use synthetic colours?

A. No. We only use natural pigments, either from minerals or vegetable sources. We do not use carmine in any products.

Q. What does the acronym INCI stand for?

A. The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients; this is a system of names for waxes, oils, pigments, chemicals, and other ingredients in cosmetics based on scientific names and other Latin and English words.

Q. Most skincare companies use a base oil; which base oil does alva use?

A. At alva we use jojoba oil, always cold-pressed jojoba oil and never chemically extracted or heat extracted. As jojoba oil has a very similar lipid profile to sebum (the oil out skin naturally produces), it has a high affinity and skin tolerance meaning that its less likely top cause an adverse reaction, and because its readily absorbed, the active ingredients its mixed with will be well absorbed so they can do what they're designed to do.

Q. Why are cold-pressed oils superior to chemically extracted or heat extracted oils?

A. Simple really, cold pressing means that the delicate active components are left intact so they can perform the job they're intended for. Chemical extraction and high temperatures have a tendency to compromise the active components, which in turn affects how effectively they work.

Q. What should I do in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction?

A. All skincare and makeup products, whether organic/natural or synthetic, have the potential to react with some people. We therefore advise that before using any new cosmetic product a patch test is performed. This is usually best done either on the inside of the wrist or just behind the ear. In the unfortunate and unlikely event of an adverse reaction, rinse the affected area with water and bad dry. If symptoms persist beyond a few hours you should consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Q. Can a combination of Sanddorn and Rhassoul products be used?

A. Yes, just as the skin can have both dry and oil patches, normal and problem skin, your choice of skincare products should reflect this. Should you need advice on which combination of products to use please email us at We aim to respond to all enquiries within a few hours, though in some cases this may take a little longer.

Q. Do alva deodorants contain aluminium chlorohydrate?

A. No, all alva deodorants contain natural mineral salts and are free of pore-clogging and potentially harmful aluminium chlorohydrate. All alva deodorants are also alcohol-free.

Q. Which organic certification organisation does alva use?

A. We use Ecocert® organic certification exclusively. Ecocert® are Europe's largest organic certification organisation and certify the organic status of products globally. By using Ecocert® as opposed to self-policing by using an industry run certification body, transparency is assured. Ecocert® will not certify any products as organic that contain ingredients from dead vertebrates or invertebrates, or where harm has been caused. This means that unlike some of our competitors we do not use 'natural' ingredients such as carmine (a red pigment obtained by crushing insects), or silk (obtained from boiling silk worms).



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